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Micheal Ortega
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Micheal Ortega
Micheal Ortega
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Solitaire: good or bad?

Solitaire is a card game played by one person. The player must lay out the cards according to certain rules. The goal of the game is to win, that is, the solitaire must come together. This goal can be achieved in different ways, which depend on the free spider solitaire itself. Some of them can converge solely because of a successful alignment, others - thanks to the experience, skill and intellectual efforts of the player himself.

Simple solitaire can be played by anyone, even a beginner. Complex patterns, on the other hand, require more attention. In order for a complex solitaire to come together, you need a good memory, the ability to count cards and predict moves. It is believed that each solitaire has its own riddles and even mysticism.

Where did this game come from?

Many researchers believe that the cards themselves were invented in ancient China. From there they spread all over the world. Card games have gained popularity and love in many countries. But, on the other hand, they were considered the machinations of the devil, since huge fortunes were lost because of them, and sometimes they even led to bloody crimes.

However, there is an interesting kind of card games that do not lead to tragedies. This is solitaire games. This word is of French origin and is translated as "patience". Therefore, many believe that these games were invented in France. In fact, this is not the case. According to historians, they were invented in Germany or Scandinavia. Still, most researchers believe that solitaire originates from Sweden.

There are various legends about this. One of them says that this card game appeared at a time when King Charles IV ruled France. According to another legend, this entertainment was invented by the mathematician Pelisson for Louis XIV, the famous "sun king". The third legend says that this fascinating game was invented by the nobles imprisoned in the Bastille prison, she helped them while away the time of imprisonment (as we see, prison and cards are inextricably linked). Then came the era of Napoleon Bonaparte. Under him, the fashion for unfolding cards gained immense popularity.

At the same time, solitaire began to be used for fortune telling. Before laying it out, the player asked himself a question to which he wanted to get an answer. Depending on whether the solitaire was successful or not, a prediction of the outcome of the case appeared.

This played a fatal role in the fate of the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart. According to legend, on the eve of the execution, she played solitaire all night (which was later named after her). She told herself that if this solitaire, which had never worked for her before, finally did, she would be executed. And so it happened. The next day, the queen lost her head ...

The further fate of the game

Hundreds of variations of these games are known today. Some of them are so simple that they converge right away. Others can be laid out for hours or even days, but still you cannot achieve victory.

This card game came to Russia after the war with Napoleon and quickly spread. In 1826, the first book dedicated to the description of these games was published in Russia. By the end of the twentieth century, these games began to attract interest again, not least due to the fact that some of them were embedded in computer systems.

Most popular solitaire games

In general, there are a lot of them, several hundred. Currently, the following names are most popular: Accordion, Harp, Tower, Bavarian, Banner, Gallery, Fan, Klondike, Spider solitaire online, Fortress, etc.

Is playing solitaire useful?

Psychologists believe that this activity can be beneficial (of course, provided that the amount of time devoted to this entertainment is limited to a reasonable framework). Here are the reasons why this game is considered good for the brain:

- it calms, relaxes, distracts from stress. To achieve the effect of relaxation and switching attention, it is enough to devote 15 minutes to it;

- this game is a puzzle that gives the brain the necessary load. Thus, she trains memory, stimulates intellectual and analytical processes. It is a kind of fitness for the brain, which allows it to be in good shape;

- in addition, this game switches the brain from rational to intuitive thinking. If solitaire is used as a fortune-telling, before playing it out, the player makes a wish and looks for an answer to the question. There is an element of mysticism in this game, it helps the brain to switch and find non-standard, paradoxical solutions.

Can I play at work?

- You may be surprised, but Western firms do not put a strict ban on playing solitaire at work. It is even recommended during the break. These games are believed to relieve stress and increase performance.

- Several years ago in Greece an attempt was made to prohibit playing free spider solitaire online at work. Officials wanted to equate them with gambling, for which there is a punishment. But the law did not pass, the officials' initiative was canceled.


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